Prepare for IMPACT!

Prepare for IMPACT!

Columbia Athletic Clubs is excited to announce the expansion this winter of our IMPACT training program from just the Silver Lake location to all three athletic facilities, including Pine Lake and Juanita Bay. IMPACT training, which is an acronym for “Intense/Multi-faceted/Performance-driven/Athletic/Cross-Training” represents the best of CAC’s fitness and athletic offerings and encompasses a whole host of small-group training (SGT) options. Classes range from weekly classes, short and long-term series, to youth and athletic offerings all designed to maximize the benefits of both personal and group-based training.

All new small-group offerings:
Small-group training has been a part of CAC programming for years, but recent and upcoming upgrades in facility, equipment, and programming at all three Club locations has spurred the expansion and evolution of the IMPACT training program. SGT is an ideal way to take advantage of personal training without the financial investment of regular one-on-one training, as classes will range in cost but typically fall in the $15 to $20 range per one-hour session. SGT also allows participants to experience new exercises and techniques, and research has shown that class-based training yields higher results than training alone. IMPACT training classes will join GRAVITY at Juanita Bay, and encompass all current SGT and IMPACT training at all three Clubs as an ideal complement or focal point of our members fitness routines. Class schedules will be posted throughout the Club, online at, as well as in this issue of INSPIRE, so take a look and see what interests you!

Benefits of Functional Training and HIIT:
Many of CAC’s IMPACT training classes are designed as functional training, exercise that is defined as training designed to improve function in everyday living. Functional strength training can result in better movement, strength, balance and flexibility in everyday life, and is a crucial component to traditional exercise routines. Many IMPACT classes will be tailored to specific functional movements, such as sport-specific conditioning, speed and agility training, balance and flexibility based sessions, and more. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, will also remain an important component of many of CAC’s IMPACT training classes. HIIT is very high-intensity exercises alternated with low to moderate exercises. TABATA classes, cross-fit style workouts, and some cycle and interval-based classes are all examples of HIIT. While HIIT-based classes may not be for every member of the Club, studies have shown again and again that this style of exercise is one of the most effective ways of burning calories, stimulating muscle growth, and increasing metabolism throughout the day. HIIT, like functional training, is an important element to traditional exercise routines.

Look for more information throughout the Clubs this winter:
As we move into the fall and winter months, look for more information in your home Club regarding IMPACT training classes and all SGT offerings taking place this season. For more information, please contact the Fitness Director at your club.

Brandi Ohlsen, Fitness Director, CAC – Juanita Bay:
Debbie Bredeweg, Fitness Director, CAC – Pine Lake:
Bobby Sorenson, Fitness Director, CAC – Silver Lake: