At Columbia Super Range, our mission is to provide you with the most complete facility and comprehensive learning programs to help you play better golf. The PGA Teaching Staff, with its depth of knowledge and skill, is committed to deliver highly effective instruction for your improvement and enjoyment of this great game. We focus our teaching on the following:

  • Proper Grip, Set-Up and Swing
  • Understanding the faults and fixes
  • Short Game Importance and Development
  • Practice Effectively and taking it to the course
  • Proper Equipment and Club fitting
  • Effective Stretching and Exercises for better Golf

Private Lessons

Provides the ultimate learning experience in correcting swing problems in a one on one setting. Lessons are available Sunday through Thursday by appointment. Register at the front desk, or by telephone at 425.338.2424.

Visual Learning Studios

Seeing is believing! Our visual learning systems will help speed your improvement with in depth analysis including split screen comparisons of players on PGA and LPGA Tours.

Lesson Rates

Thirty Minute Private Adults Juniors
Single Lesson $60 $50
Series of 3 $162 $141
Series of 5 $275 $220
One Hour Private Adults Juniors
Single Lesson $90 $80
Series of 3 $261 $219
Series of 5 $400 $350
One Hour Semi-private Adults Juniors
Single Lesson (2 People) $50/each $40/each
Series of 3 (2 People) $144/each $114/each
Series of 5 (2 People) $225/each $175/each
One Hour Group Lesson
3 or more people $40/each $30/each

Members receive 10% discount on private and semi-private lessons!

Did you know we offer playing lessons?

Book 9 holes with one of our pro’s.
Learn a lot about how you’re playing, and where you can lower your scores.*

*(3 day advance notice. Student pays their own green fees)

Contact Mark Peterson at markp@columbiaathletic.com for more information.