Youth Summer Camps


Registration Rules

Registration is ONLINE and must be received at least 24 hours in advance. Your placement will be secured once a form of payment is added to your completed registration form. Full payment will be collected within 2 weeks prior to each Camp.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

For cancellations and withdrawals from camp, a refund/credit will be granted if the request is received in writing at least one week prior to camp. No refund/credit will be granted with less than a week notice. We do not prorate enrollment fees for days that will be missed.

Swim Test

All participants are required to take a swim test. Our camp includes swimming in the afternoons and every first day of camp all kids will be taking a swim test (they will demonstrate they can swim one length of the pool without stopping). If the swim test is not successful the participant will have to wear a life jacket. The kids that pass the test will get a bracelet to wear for the time they will be attending Summer Camp.

Before and After Camp

You have the option to utilize our Kids Club prior to or after camp at an hourly rate. Kids Club will accept appointments starting at 8am and as late as 7pm, but reservations must be made ahead of time. Extended Care rates will apply. Advanced and cancellation reservations are required.


When space permits we will allow Day of Registration. Fee will be $105 + tax Member per day, $145 + tax/Non-member per day.

What to Expect

Prior to each camp you will receive an email communication from our Program Director which will confirm your placement and included all necessary details for the upcoming week. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a Camp leader who will sign your little one in for the day. Each Camper should bring a swim suit, sunscreen, bottle of water with their name on it, snack and a sack lunch (full day camper only). Fresh fruit and snacks will be provided for a full day campers as they await pick up.

For more information on Summer Camps, you can email Camila at

Time: 9am – 12pm (Half Day Camp) | 9am – 3:30pm (Full Day Camp)


Jr. Camp Counselor Camp

Be an Assistant Camp Counselor! You will help our camp leaders with daily activities, games and crafts. Help team up with younger kids and be positive role model and leader. Participants will have the opportunity to swim every day and have fun. In order to be a Jr. Camp Counselor, he/she must have attended a CAC summer camp in the past. This person must be a positive role model and want to be a “BIG” kids participating in games and show leadership qualities. Bring swim suit, wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothes, and bring a water bottle and a sack lunch every day. Space is limited, only 2 Jr. Counselors per week, it will be available for Weeks 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8.
Time: 9am – 3:30pm
Ages: 12 – 14
Fees: $230 + tax Member/$285 + tax Non-member

Week 1: Little Picassos

Each day we will make a new project that may include drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture. They will learn about different artists and recreate some of their art. They will finish the day at the pool after a morning of creativity.
Dates: June 21 – 23
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $215 + tax Member/$285 + tax Non-member (Full Day) | $150 + tax Member/$200 + tax Non-member (Half Day)

Week 2 – Training Camp

Each day will be an adventure. Kids will explore different physical activities that will test their coordination, improve their balance, increase their endurance and show them fitness is fun!
This camp will awaken your child’s love for exercise, enhance their cognitive skills and promote working in teams. The day will end at the pool for a relaxing time!
Dates: June 26 – 30
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $340 + tax Member/$410 + tax Non-member (Full Day) | $215 + tax Member/$285 + tax Non-member (Half Day)

Week 3 – It’s a Zoo!

Kids will explore the world of animals and reptiles this week as well as get a visit from Shoofly with a petting zoo and some friendly dogs. They will learn about some animals from all over the world and act like them too. We will make sure this camp is packed with wild fun.
Dates: July 5 – 7
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $215 + tax Member/ $285 + tax Non-member (Full Day) | $150 + tax Member/$195 + tax Non-member (Half Day)

Week 4 & 5 – Camp Columbia

Our most popular summer camp. If you have ever wondered what our club offers, then join us for this two week camp. Each day campers will participate in a 30 minutes swim lesson with a trained instructor, a 45 minute tennis lesson with one of our pros and the rest of the camp of pure adventure with sports, games, crafts and fun. Per request this camp now is a full day camp Monday/Friday from 9 to 3:30pm. No tennis or swim lessons on Fridays. Instead we will have a break and explore Pine Lake Park (Weather permitting).
Dates: July 10 – 14 & July 17 – 21
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $640 + tax Member/$800 + tax Non-member (2 weeks)
No Half Day option.

Week 6: Tumble and Stretch

Let’s stretch and tumble through the week with some fun activities. They will start the day with some gymnastics offered by Jet’s Gymnastics where they will teach sound, basic tumbling and gymnastic skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. It will be followed by a walk to the park and swimming. Lots to do and the kids will have a blast!
Dates: July 24– 28
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $380 + tax Member/ $450 + tax Non-member (Full Day) | $250 + tax Member/$300 + tax Non-member (Half Day)

Week 7: Robotics Week

Fun week with Snapology! The kids will be split into 2 groups; activities for the robotics part will be 3 hours every day. We will have the groups going into different times and every other day of the week your child will be enjoying the pool. Snapology is excited to offer these options:

Foundational Engineering: Machines & Contraptions: Does your child love to tinker and create new things, or are they the kind of learner who likes to break things apart to see what’s inside? If so, they’re going to love Snapology’s Foundational Engineering: Machines and Contraptions program! This program gives your student the tools they need to understand mechanical movement and the importance of simple machines. They will see these moving parts up-close as they follow instructions to build various machines and contraptions, and then use the models to develop new design ideas, test out physics concepts, and even play games with their partners and classmates! Whether they are the creative-constructive type or prefer the inquisitive-deductive way of learning, this program is sure to spark their engineering interests! (Ages 5-7)

Amusement Park Adventures Engineering: Design your own amusement park in this super fun program! Learn how to use LEGO® bricks and other building materials to make coasters and other awesome rides. Can you design the next Disney World? (Ages 8-11)
Dates: July 31 – August 4
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $380 + tax Member/$450 + tax Non-member
No half day option

Week 8: Basketball Camp

Some basketball in the morning and swimming in the afternoon! We will include skills and drills and assorted activities to improve balance and focus while building strength and motor skills. Your team is counting on you! Come join the fun! After some serious training the kids will enjoy a nice splash at the pool.
Dates: August 7 – 11
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $380 + tax Member/$430 + tax Non-member (Full Day) | $250 + tax Member/$300 + tax Non-member (Half Day)

Afternoon Basketball Camp – Teens

Join Coach Mendo from Quick Handle for an intense camp that is designed to help you develop lightning-quick and unstoppable moves in order to become a serious scoring threat and take your game to the next level.
Dates: August 7 – 11
Ages: 12 – 17
Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Fees: $250 + tax Member/$300 + tax Non-member

Week 9 – Sports Week

Just like our extremely popular camp “Camp Columbia” we will have a little bit of swimming and tennis. Great opportunity to try new sports for a whole week, there will be lessons for swimming and tennis finishing with fun gym games.
Dates: August 14 – 18
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $340 + tax Member/$415 + tax Non-member (Full Day)
No Half Day option.

Afternoon Basketball Camp – Coach Brandon

Coach Brandon will give your kids the drills and instructions they need to become a better shooter and ball handler who stands out from the competition.
Dates: August 14 – 18
Ages: 5 – 12
Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Fees: $250 + tax Member/$300 + tax Non-member

Week 10: Science of Superpowers by Snapology

Science of Superpowers: In Snapology’s Science of Superpowers program, children will learn about the science behind their favorite heroes’ powers. Students will learn about gravity, aerodynamics, forces, motion, and much more as they learn about flight, super villain fights, and superhero vehicles. (Ages 5-7)

Snapology’s Amazing Race: This program will allow our campers to travel the world without having to leave their Snapology classroom! This summer, the campers will be traveling to Italy, China, Australia, and Iceland while competing in team challenges that will earn those points and help determine which team is the winner of the Amazing Race
Dates: August 21 – 25
Ages: 5 – 11
Fees: $380 + tax Member/$450 + tax Non-member
No half day option