Junior Lifeguard & Stroke Clinics

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Junior Lifeguard Course

The Junior Lifeguard course is tailored for swimmers eager to enhance their aquatic proficiency. Lifeguarding plays a crucial role in aquatic environments globally, and acquiring life-saving skills is valuable for all. Engage in a week-long session where you’ll be introduced to essential skills, including CPR, first aid, and lifeguard saves. Participants must demonstrate the ability to swim 25 yards using the front crawl stroke and breaststroke before enrolling in this course. Please note that this class does not provide certification in CPR, first aid, or lifeguarding; it serves as an introductory course to prepare for a comprehensive lifeguarding program.
Session Dates: July 22, July 23, July 24, July 25
Session Times: 4 – 5:30pm
Ages: 11 – 14 (or permission by Aquatics Director)
Fees*: $85 + tax Member/$120 + tax Non-member (Must attend all 4 sessions)

Stroke Clinics

Looking for additional stroke refinement post-swim team season? Join our weekly series of stroke clinics throughout August, ensuring your skills stay sharp for year-round swimming. The first week will concentrate on freestyle, followed by backstroke in the second week, breaststroke in the third week, and butterfly in the final week. Registration is flexible, allowing you to sign up for multiple weeks or select only the ones that pique your interest.
Week 1 – Freestyle: August 5 – 8, Mon. – Thurs. 4:30 – 5:30pm
Week 2 – Backstroke: August 12 – 15, Mon. – Thurs. 4:30 – 5:30pm
Week 3 – Breastroke: August 19 – 22, Mon. – Thurs. 4:30 – 5:30pm
Week 4 – Butterfly: August 26 – 29, Mon. – Thurs. 4:30 – 5:30pm
Ages: 8 +
Fees: $25 + tax Member (per class, capacity of 10) | $35 + tax Non member (per class, capacity of 10)

Swimmer must be familiar with all strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly. Swimmer must be able to swim 25 yards without stopping.

Registration will open June 3rd to all swimmers. Each session will be one week long for a total of 4 sessions. Participants will have the option to select the weeks they are most interested in.