Group IMPACT Training

IMPACTraining is specifically designed to enhance your fitness experience. Each small group ranges in intensity and focus, and are best taken in addition to personal/partner training sessions.

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To register, enroll at the front desk prior to the small group training.

For more information on any of the following small group trainings refer to the IMPACTraining schedule or contact our Fitness Director, Bobby, via email at

Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the start time. Failure to do so will result in a full charge of the small group training fee being applied to the member’s account.

For cancellations, please notify the Front Desk or small group instructor at 425.745.1617.

Ballet Body

Tone and strengthen your whole body through a series of large range of motion, fluid exercises with light to moderate resistance and high repetitions. Exercises will include combination movements as well as exercises to isolate upper and lower body muscles and the core. Body weight, resistance bands, free weights and more will be used to develop the grace, strength, and balance of a dancer!
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays, 12pm


BodyShred is a 30-minute, high intensity, endurance-based training. This half hour will focus on bodyweight training infused with metabolic resistance training. Come join this fast paced, fully body workout.
Days: Mondays, 10:15am


BOSU small group training focuses on using the BOSU ball for a majority of the workout. However other training tools and elements are implemented to ensure the routine targets the entire body, improves overall strength, improves cardiovascular fitness, and pertains specifically to the individual. By adding the BOSU to your weekly routine you will dramatically improve balance and stability, as well as improve your core strength. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to join. It only takes a little bit of practice to become a BOSU master!
Days: Wednesdays, 4:30pm

Cardio & Core (30 minutes)

Give your body a blast of high intensity intervals using cardio and core exercises. This program is designed to keep you moving and challenge your foundation. You will get a total body workout and leave feeling accomplished.
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays, 7am

FASTR (30 minutes)

FASTR will increase your speed, agility and quickness. Incorporated components include strength, power, coordination, balance and flexibility. If you are looking to improve neuromuscular adaptation, improve your athleticism, and increase your knowledge about injury prevention then this small group is for you! FASTR athletes are better athletes.
Days: Mondays, 4pm


Train above average! KettleFit balances strength and conditioning through total-body intervals and dynamic compound movements. With the kettlebell as your primary piece of equipment, you can rest assured that every muscle group will be functionally challenged. KettleFit turns everyday people into high performance athletes.
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9am | Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:30am | Thursdays 6pm, Saturdays, 9:30am

Lil’ Ninjas (30 minutes)

This small group is focused on our junior members and is fashioned in the same form as the hit TV show, “American Ninja Warrior.” Kid’s will climb and jump their way through various obstacles in order to gain strength, confidence, and athleticism.
Days: Tuesdays, 4pm (ages 5 – 9) | Thursdays, 4pm (ages 10 – 14)

Metabolic Madness

This effective, functional, total body group training will add lean muscle, speed up your metabolism and burn more calories. Using a variety of weight training equipment and a heavy dose of cardio intervals, this small group is challenging and fun for all fitness levels.
Days: Tuesdays, 4:30pm | Fridays, 9:15am


Do you have the need…the need for SPEED?! This training program is specifically designed for any person looking to improve their overall speed, speed endurance and technique. Your body will be pushed to the limits with a variety of workouts including intervals, hill repeats, sprints, and plyometrics.
Days: Returns Spring 2017


Come push your physical abilities and transform your body into the best, well rounded shape it can be. This 60-minute, volume intense, small group circuit training utilizes the TRX, kettle bells, weights, plyo boxes, BOSU’s and select exercises to create a challenging and rewarding full body workout.
Days: Mondays and Saturdays, 8am


Get a full-body workout that targets strength, endurance, and flexibility. This MMA-inspired small group incorporates circuit training with body weight, free weights and kickboxing. Punch, kick, grunt and sweat your way to a healthier you!
Days: Mondays, 6pm, Thursdays, 5:15pm | Saturdays, 12pm


Blast away calories and get your heart pumping! Zones is designed to hit every muscle while training your heart among the appropriate zones for each individual. Zones is beneficial for all fitness levels and fitness goals from weight loss, to improving endurance, to increasing strength. Get fit and make your heart more efficient.
Days: Mondays, 7pm, Wednesdays, 6:30pm

IMPACT Class Fees:

Drop-in Fees:
$15 per class Member/$25 per class Non-member

Monthly Fees:
$89 unlimited Member/$139 unlimited Non-member

IMPACT Speed Fees:
$120 Member/$240 Non-member

Prices subject to Washington State sales tax.