IMPACT Training

IMPACT, our small group personal training program was developed by personal trainers to improve overall strength, conditioning, and performance utilizing science based programming, resistance training, and interval training. The limited number of participants (8) ensures the personal attention and program design found in 1-on-1 training but with the fun, energy, and motivation of a fitness community.

Because our trainers can appropriately ‘scale’ each workout to meet YOUR unique needs, IMPACT is appropriate for all levels of fitness and athletics. All 60-minute IMPACT sessions are full-body and rely on the use of barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, agility and cardiovascular equipment.

IMPACT consists of 3 different “modules” to ensure variety and a well-balanced fitness experience. We recommend doing 2-3 different modules per week or in coordination with 1:1 personal training sessions.

IMPACT Functional Conditioning: “Do more for longer”

IMPACT-FC focuses on developing a client’s “work capacity” by improving muscular endurance and cardiovascular function. Participants will work through high volume-long duration training blocks utilizing weights, suspension trainers, and cardiovascular equipment. While these workouts are faster in pace, they can be scaled to meet your current conditioning levels. Consistent cardiovascular training has been proven to reduce the risk of heart, respiratory, and diabetic disease.

IMPACT Functional Strength: “Become indestructible”

IMPACT-FS is designed to improve strength, power, and durability. Participants will work through moderate volume-moderate duration training blocks utilizing barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells. Each workout will consist of longer rest periods to ensure proper technique and progressive overload of the muscles. While these workouts encourage the use of “heavier” weights, all prescriptions will be in coordination with your current fitness and strength levels. Regular strength training has been shown to reduce the occurrence of injuries, improve bone density and body composition.

IMPACT Functional Performance: “ Move like a Ninja”

IMPACT-FP is a movement focused workout designed to make you a leaner, more agile and mobile human being. Participants will work through a combination of strength, conditioning, and ‘athletic’ movements designed to have direct carry over to your competitive, recreational, and/or daily activities. Participants will use similar equipment found in other IMPACT modules, plus the use of agility and jump training equipment. While these workouts may contain ‘untraditional’ movements, exercises can be customized to meet you where you are at. Performance training has been shown to improve balance, mobility, and overall ‘ease’ of movement.


Click here to fill out our 1-minute fitness questionnaire. Our Fitness Coordinator will contact you to get you started and provide additional information.

IMPACT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the difference between a Group Exercise Class and IMPACT?

  • IMPACT is small group personal training up to 8 participants with an emphasis on strength, conditioning, and performance using the most up to date methods.
  • IMPACT encourages the regular use of Olympic barbells, Kettlebells, TRX-Trainers, Landmine Trainers, Rowers, Agility and Plyometric equipment (to name a few).

2. This program sounds INTENSE is it appropriate for beginners?

  • Yes the program is intense but “intense” is relative to each participants.
  • Personal trainers will make and record real-time adjustments to your program to ensure the intensity level and exercise selection is appropriate for you and goals are safely meet. 

3. What are the various training modules and how do they differ?

  • Each of our 3 distinct training modules focus on a specific component of fitness to ensure a well-rounded experience.
    – Functional Conditioning = fast paced, low to moderate weights, higher reps.
    – Functional Strength = slower paced, moderate to heavy weights, lower-moderate reps.
    – Functional Performance = moderately paced, untraditional movements, moderate weights, moderate to high reps.
  • Each module ends with a 5-8 minute FINISHER designed by your “Trainer of the Day” to send you home feeling more AWESOME (and sweaty).

4. Why don’t the modules change during the month?

  • IMPACT uses a “Consistency is Key” approach to exercise programming.
  • Progress happens as you adjust weight, reps, time, and rounds. NOT by changing exercises all the time.
  • Over a 4-week period you will systematically progress to ensure increased exercise proficiency and intensity.
    Week 1: Learn It – “DO as I say”
    Week 2: Know It – “DO as I Do”
    Week 3: Own It – “DO your best”
    Week 4: Crush It – “(out) DO the rest”

5. Why do I have pay extra on top of my monthly membership to participate?

  • IMPACT is certainly not the cheapest program in town nor is it the most expensive. Where the value lies is in the expert coaching, 1:1 attention, science based programming, data tracking and results.
  • We also include IMPACT in our 21-day challenge which allows you to “try” IMPACT prior to making a commitment.
  • Depending on your attendance, each session can be as little as $18 per session!

6. What can I expect as an IMPACT participant?

  • Professional, punctual, creative, and  friendly trainers to safely navigate you to success.
  • Custom modifications to address YOUR unique physical characteristics and fitness level.
  • A personal training log to record weights, reps, sets, rounds, and Personal Records (PR’s).
  • Video “library” of all 3 monthly modules so you can train with IMPACT while you are away.
  • Fun, accountability, motivation and education with 7 of your “FRIENDS”.
  • Faster results in a shorter amount of time for a fraction of the price when training alone.

For additional information on all things training contact our Fitness Coordinator: 425.745.1617 x 453 or email: