Why Swim?

If swimming laps is of interest to you, then you should do it, and here are just some reasons why:

Stress relief – Yes, all exercise will help with this. However, it is shown that being in the water helps reduce sensory overload and this has a calming influence on the body (like taking a bath). This is also due to the constant stretching and rhythmic breathing which can be meditative, similar to yoga.

Total body workout – in addition to achieving your cardio goals, you are also getting in your strength training due to the resistance of the water. Combine this with the flexibility necessary to adapt to the water and the engagement of muscles that often go underutilized and swimming becomes a one stop exercise shop!

Cross training – Swimming will help improve your overall fitness level and also eliminates the pounding your body takes on land.

Swimming makes you smarter – Blood flow to the brain is increased when the body is submerged in the water. Your body also learns to use oxygen more efficiently due to restricted breathing when you swim which can result in a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Swimmers may actually live longer – Researchers at the University of South Carolina looked at 40,547 men aged 20 to 90, for over 32 years. The results showed that those who swam had a 50 percent lower death rate that runners, walkers, or men who didn’t exercise.

If these aren’t good enough reasons to get in the water and swim some laps, then just think about how much more confident you’ll be on your next tropical vacation if you take advantage of the Aquatics facilities at Columbia Athletic Clubs.

For questions about our specific club Aquatics facilities, contact the following:

For Juanita Bay, email us at jbcswim@columbiaathletic.com.
For Pine Lake, email us at vincentc@columbiaathletic.com.
For Silver Lake, email us at slcswim@columbiaathletic.com.