Health and Nutrition

Our Fitness Director & Certified Nutritionist, Brandi Ohlsen, and Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Michelle Ohlson, believe in a holistic and whole food approach to health and nutrition. They believe that diets have become cliché, and making small changes one habit at a time will make a lifestyle change that sticks.

They can help and provide guidance on your journey. Together you will identify the areas that need improvement and take the steps to healthier choices. Brandi and Michelle get results!

For more information, contact our Fitness Director, Brandi, at, or contact Michelle at

Program Fees:

Private consultations with Brandi or Michelle: $125 + tax
20 – 30 minute follow ups (in person or via e-mail): $5 + tax

NEW 12-month Nutrition Counseling Program with Brandi and ProCoach System

With nutrition practices most fads out there are short term fixes and/or force you to eliminate entire food groups. In this program you will focus on habit based practices to build skills, in turn using those new found skills to achieve your goals. In addition to using the ProCoach system you will meet individually with Brandi to discuss goals, track progress, and gain insights on your biggest limiting factors that are holding you back. You can begin the program at any time. Space is limited to 5 participants. Contact Brandi Ohlsen at 425.821.0882 or by email at for more details or to get started today.

Brandi Ohlsen is a certified Level 2 ProCoach.