These classes are complimentary for our Members and require no registration.

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This is great for everyone; from the beginner to the professional cyclist! Resistance and pedal speed are used together to create an intense and effective workout. Cyclists are instructed to choose the intensity that best suites them, yet encouraged to consistently challenge themselves.

Cycle Camp

Indoor cycling meets bootcamp! This 60 min class will be on and off the bike to work all muscles of the body with dumbbells, barbells, and body weight. No chance of boredom with this fast paced, high intensity approach. Perfect for the time crunched member who wants cardio and strength training intervals. Wear workout shoes and bring water!

Cycle Express

Follow your instructor through a variety of drills such as intervals, speed, and hill climbs on our indoor cycles. This class is a great 45 min cardio workout and a faster yet shorter version of our other cycle classes. New participants should arrive 10 minutes early for proper bike set up!

Cycle Flow Fusion

Cycle Flow Fusion is a hybrid class that is popular around the world. The first 30 minutes of class is in the Gr Ex studio with cycle intervals guaranteed to make you sweat and boost your cardiovascular health. The last 30 minutes of class is hot power yoga in the Mind/Body studio where we focus on the muscles that get overused in cycling and running. Start your week off right treating your body to this combo! Bring your own mat.

Ride the Climb

This class focuses on cycle strength training to conquer any climb or ride. Spending 45 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes off working with weights, bands and body weight, will make your legs and core stronger. Come give it a try!


This combo class gives you the perfect amount of cardio with strength conditioning. Get your heart pounding and sweat flowing in the first half of class on the bike followed by muscle and core conditioning off the bike with weights, bars, plates and bodyweight in the second half of class. A good class for all levels with modifications offered.