Youth Fitness

We have youth classes for a variety of ages, from teaching kids how to use the fitness equipment, and gym etiquette/cleanliness, to teaching junior members how to use circuit equipment and learning what it means to be physically active. We can also help a young athlete prepare for their upcoming sport. See below for our class selection.

For more information contact our Fitness Director, Tamara, at

IMPACT Kinetic Kids (8 – 12 years old)

Instructor: Katy

Kinetic Kids is a great way to start introducing your child to the gym environment at a young age. Our coaches have specific education and training to design fun workouts that help kids build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Kinetic Kids helps improve posture and coordination, prevent injury in sports, and decrease anxiety. Connecting kids with coaches and other youth in exercise helps them develop a healthy lifestyle they can maintain as they grow older!
This class will return in the Fall.

IMPACT Teen (13 – 19 years old)

Instructor: Tyler

Small Group Classes are led by our youth strength coach, Tyler Eiguren, NASM – CPT in a fun, supportive, and safe environment. The focus is on proper weightlifting technique and combines engaging, scalable workouts using body-weight, dumbbells and kettlebells in constantly varied movements. Choose Impact Teen to establish and reinforce proper and safe exercise techniques or use it to improve skills for sports and protect from injury. Sign up through our online portal.
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 4 – 4:45pm
Ages: 13 – 19
Fees: $15 + Tax Member/$25 + Tax Non-member (per class)

IMPACT Weightlifting 101 (13 – 18 years old)

Instructor: TBD

Weightlifting 101 is designed to teach beginners to intermediate lifters proper form and technique using free weights. Our instructor will break down the basics and take time to analyze and correct form so that you can perform these lifts safely and efficiently. Through a series of progressions over a 4 week period, our goal is to have you lifting confidently so you can progress into the next step of your training. Participants: Min. 2, Max. 6. Sign up through our online portal.
Dates: Will return in the Fall
Times: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30 – 4:30pm
Ages: 13 – 18
Fees: $160 + Tax Member/$215 + Tax Non-member (per series)

Iron Kids (10 – 15 years old)

Instructor: Kim

There is no better way to create healthy habits for your kids than by starting them early, showing them often, and teaching them right! Iron Kids is a program taught by Personal Trainer Kim Brasfield, in which your kids will learn the basics of anatomy, nutrition, a basic workout program, rules of the fitness floor, and safety in exercise. This course is a wonderful introduction to fitness essentials tailored to youth. Upon completion of the class, kids will be prepared to start exercising with a parent present. Offered by appointment only, please contact Kim Brasfield at to enroll.

Dates & Time are by appointment, contact Kim for more info.
Ages: 10 – 15
Fees: $20 + Tax Member (per class)

Advantage Sport (12 – 20 years old, in a sport)

Instructor: Nikki

Help your young athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons close to home with CAC - Pine Lake! We train athletes from ages 12 to 20, helping them through this essential period of development by building good fundamentals and technique. We provide periodized, crossfit-style workouts to develop strength, agility, speed, and coordination in the off-season, and maintain the athletes’ gains through the competitive season. We strive to prevent overuse injuries by focusing on sport-specific pre-hab and conditioning to combat common issues in young athletes. Our strength and conditioning coaches have all of the tools to help your athlete get an advantage over the competition. Groups or teams will be scheduled by appointment. Please contact Nikki Brown, CSCS at for scheduling information (Minimum of 4 athletes per group).
Fees: $15 + tax Member/$25 + tax Non-member (per class)

For more information or for help with registration please email Tamara Teague Fitness Director at