Group Exercise Classes

Due to the current Coronovirus state regulations we are operating on a modified schedule. Please see the schedule below for offered classes.

These classes are complimentary for our Members and require no registration.

For more information contact our Group Ex director, Dot, at


MOSSA Group Blast®

BLAST OFF your workout with 60 minutes of cardio training that uses The STEP® in highly effective, athletic ways. Group Blast® will get your heart pounding and sweat pouring as you improve your fitness, agility, coordination, and strength with exciting music and group energy. HAVE A BLAST!

MOSSA Group Core®

Let’s get Hard Core! Train like an athlete in 30 action-packed minutes. A strong core, from your shoulders to your hips, will improve your athletic performance, help prevent back pain, and give you ripped abs! Expert coaching and motivating music will guide you through functional and integrated exercises using your body weight, weight plates, a towel, and a platform – all to challenge you like never before. Reach Your Peak with Group Core®!

MOSSA Group Power®

Group Power® is Your Hour of Power! Blast all your muscles with this high-rep weight training workout. Using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, and body weight, Group Power combines squats, lunges, presses, and curls with functional integrated exercises. Dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere will get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and push you to a personal best! Power Up!


Boot Camp/Total Body Conditioning

This class is designed to increase speed, agility, muscle strength, and endurance using basic military, plyometric, sport specific movements and calisthenics. Be all that you can be!

Cardio & Conditioning

This class does it all! Cardio training using the step and the floor, strength training with weights, bands, and balls, abdominal/core training,and a full-body stretch at the end.Perfect for all levels – beginners encouraged!


Full body cardio and resistance training workout using weights, bands, sliders and more! You’ll move to adrenaline pumping music with toning/strengthening moves that challenge your whole body… If you’re looking for one hour that does it all, this is it!

HIIT 3-2-1

Do you want to work hard for 30 minutes?? HIIT 3-2-1 is a high intensity, whole-body approach to training using resistance, cardio and endurance/strength based exercises.  This workout uses metabolic circuit training, intervals and supersetting with light to moderate dumbbell resistance to deliver results in the most efficient, accelerated and fun way possible…all in 30 minutes!


Get a total body workout with this high intensity interval style class with cardio intervals mixed with strength training!

SBC (Strength-Balance-Core)

This class is designed to use basic movements and improve overall balance, increase muscular strength, and implement core stability. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels, but designed for beginning through intermediate participants. It is a great addition to existing fitness programs or as a transitional class from water to land-based exercise. SBC will enhance your overall fitness and health.


Get ready to move! This Latin Dance based exercise class combines the best of Latin and traditional dance movements to make for a fun-filled hour of exercise. Shake, shimmy and move yourself into shape!