Youth Fitness

Youth Personal and Group Training allows Youth 7+ years of age to learn healthy habits of fitness with CAC Personal Trainers. Trainers will work with parents to set achievable fitness goals while also working with the youth on age-appropriate skills and sports specific training.

For help determining which trainer is the right match for your youth, please contact us at


IMPACTeens Summer Camp

Looking for something fun for your Tweens this summer?

Intense. Multi-faceted. Performance-driven. Athletic. Cross-Training.

IMPACTraining meets your individual needs, places you in the right intensity you need to achieve your goals and holds you accountable while under the watchful eye of a Certified Fitness Trainer.

Throughout the week, participants will experience TRX, Group Core, Yoga/Pilates training, Cycling, Kettlebell training, Water fitness and HIIT style classes. Please bring a swimsuit, a water bottle, tennis shoes, proper workout attire, snacks and ready to workout. These young people will have time to learn about healthy choices with nutrition and create their own smoothie at the end of their camp day.
Dates: Week #1 July 5 – 7 (Wed./Thurs./Fri.) | Week #2 August 7 – 11 (Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs./Fri.)

IMPACTeens camp day:

  • 12 – 12:15pm Meet and Team build in Group Ex Studio!
  • 12:15 – 1pm Workout Session #1
    Mon./Wed./Fri.: IMPACT Studio for TRX, Kettlebell and IMPACT training class.
    Tues./Thurs.: Water Fitness in the indoor pool
  • 1 – 1:45pm Water Break, socialize and FUN game!
  • 1:45 – 2:30pm Workout Session #2 This session will offer Cycling, Boot Camp, Group Core, HIIT and Yoga/Pilates training.
  • 2:30 – 3:30pm Swim outdoor pool (depending on weather, we may swim earlier or indoor pool)
  • 3:30 – 4pm Create a smoothie before heading home!

Ages: 11 – 13 (6th  – 8th Graders)
Fees: $150 + tax/$60 + tax a day Member (Week #1)/$180 + tax ($70 + tax a day) Non-member (Week #1)| $250 + tax/60 + tax a day Member (Week #2)/$300 + tax ($70 + tax a day) Non-member (Week#2)


Free Weight Room and IMPACT Studio Usage

Youth members (13 to 15 years old) may use the free weight room and IMPACTraining Studio once they have completed the Iron Teens fitness program and have the approval of both the Personal Trainer they worked with and the Fitness Director.

Youth Facility Orientation: 30 minutes | FREE

Parents of youth ages 8 years 17 years old may request to have a facility orientation for their child on select equipment in the cardio room. Some of the equipment will not be accessible to youth based on their size, weight, and comprehension skills assessed by the trainer. This portion of the orientation is to identify what machines are suitable and which are injury risks.
Aside from facility orientation and limited equipment fitted for kids, youth will also undergo a basic fitness assessment that will measure their strength endurance, flexibility, coordination, and balance (proprioception). Most of the exercises will utilize body weight, resistance bands, medicine balls, and light dumbbells and kettlebells.*
Schedule with any Personal Trainer or through the Fitness Director.
*Note: your child must go through the orientation before using any equipment (cardio or fitness).

Kinetic Kids (8 – 12 years old)

Kinetic Kids is a great way to start introducing your child to the gym environment at a young age. Our coaches have specific education and training to design fun workouts for your youth that will help them improve coordination, weight control, and prevent injury not only in sports, but also be a great help to even the gamer needing some muscle tone in their posture muscles.
Connecting kids with coaches and other youth around exercise will help them become more “fitness” minded as they grow older will help encourage healthy lifestyles!
Registration is on first come, first serve basis and occurs monthly. Schedule with a Fitness Trainer.
Fee*: $60 + tax
*FOUR 30-minute sessions

Iron Teens (13 – 17 years old)

Iron Teens is a novice weight training instructional hour that will focus on making sure every participant understands the proper joint paths when it comes to the press (flat, incline, overhead), squat (front and back), deadlift (conventional, RDL, wide leg), and the row (single arm, bent over, seated). Learning how the hips, shoulders and spine all work together as one system is the foundation to learning how to move correctly and adapt correct form.

The words “Weight Training” usually gets confused with “Weight Lifting”, but weight training is any movement in the gym utilizing gym machines, cables, dumbbells, fixed barbells, bands and body weight. Weight training programs are for teaching the body proper movement patterns under variable resistance levels. Positioning and posture are the primary focuses during these sessions.
Registration is on first come, first serve basis and occurs monthly. Schedule with a Fitness Trainer.
Fees*: $160 + tax (up to 2 participants)/$120 + tax (3 or more)
*FOUR 60-minute sessions