Personal Training in Kirkland, WA

Columbia Athletic Clubs-Juanita Bay, Kirkland WA

Personal Training Programs, Classes, and Facilities for Adults and Youth in the Kirkland Area

Individual and small group personal training, weight management and nutrition, and strength, endurance, and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities.

Our Juanita Bay personal trainers help you achieve overall health, optimal weight, peak endurance, and sustained well-being. Whatever your fitness goals and exercise preferences, you’ll find a variety of options at Juanita Bay. Our fitness facilities include Life Fitness Cardio Equipment and extensive weight training equipment. Each member of our personal training team holds at least one nationally recognized certification and has training or holds a degree in the exercise science/human movement discipline.

Our Personal Training Programs:

  • One-on-One or Small Group Personal Training

    Individual or small group training with a member of our highly qualified personal training team, personalized to meet your goals. We also offer IMPACTraining small group sessions that use functional training equipment to challenge all participants. Classes vary in focus and style, but are suitable for all fitness levels. Our trainers specialize in:

    • Weight Management and Weight Loss
    • Functional Training and Rehabilitation
    • Endurance Training
    • Sport-Specific Performance
    • Individualized Program Design
  • Body Composition Analysis

    Complimentary for all members.

  • Jump Start Package.

    Three one-hour personal training sessions.

  • Nutrition & Jump Start Combo

    Three one-hour personal training sessions and two private consults with a nutritionist.

  • CAFS

    CAFS sessions identify mobility dysfunctions, and work toward stability and strength for any individual’s functional needs. Each session focuses on one joint: foot/ankle, knee, hip, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, shoulders, or cervical spine.

Our Juanita Bay Facility

Columbia Athletic Clubs-Juanita Bay is a locally owned and operated family business with generations of health and fitness leadership and success. Our culture of personal service, community presence, and family priorities sets us apart from national-chain facilities. Our Juanita Bay facility continues to grow with the Kirkland-area community by adding new equipment and programs to ensure a great membership experience.