GRAVITY GTS offers an amazing workout using your own bodyweight as resistance. The GTS is adjustable to alleviate common compensations due to limits in strength and or flexibility allowing you to truly focus on form. In GRAVITY GTS classes you will always focus on core stabilization, balance, strength, and mobility.

GRAVITY Full Body Blaster w/Erin

In this hour we cover the entire body from head to toe. The great part of the GRAVITY program you are you are able to take it at your pace and work in a 3D space (great way to build stability in the joints). You are the guide on how hard you want to work.
Time: 10:30 – 11:30am
Fee: $15 per person

Pilates Inspired GRAVITY w/Erin

This 30 minute format is designed to challenge your core and overall strength through the use of our GRAVITY GTS equipment. Lengthen, strengthen, and stretch your body through a myriad of workouts appropriate for any fitness level.
Time: 12 – 12:30pm
Fee: $12 per person

Class space is limited to 4 participants. Sign up at the Front Desk to reserve your spot today. For more information contact the fitness department at