Due to COVID safe start protocols some Fitness programs are currently not offered. Please contact us with questions.

Gravity Training is described as a combination of Strength equipment and Pilates Reformers, the Gravity GTD machines will allow you to focus on true body alignment and core stabilization throughout the strength exercises which will result in long, lean and sculpted physiques. Private sessions or small group classes are available.

For more information contact our Fitness Director, Brandi, at

30 Minute GRAVITY Blast with Brandi and Erin

Get an effective and time-efficient workout using our GRAVITY GTS machines. Each week will be something challenging and new to the participants. The great news is it is only 30 minutes. But don’t let the short time frame fool you. These classes are high energy and still give you a full body workout. Space is limited to 4 participants.
Days: Tuesdays, 6 – 6:30am (Brandi), Thursdays, 9:45 – 10:15am (Erin)
Fee: $15 + tax per workout

GRAVITY Full-Body Blaster with Brandi, Cristal and Michelle

In this hour we cover the entire body from head to toe. The great part of the GRAVITY program you are you are able to take it at your pace and work in a 3-D space (great way to build stability in the joints). You are the guide on how hard you want to work. Space is limited to 4 participants.
Days: Mondays, 12 – 1pm (Michelle), Thursdays, 6:35 – 7:35pm (Cristal), Fridays, 6:50 – 7:50am (Brandi)
Fee: $25 + tax per workout

All IMPACT small group training and GRAVITY classes have a 24-hr cancellation policy. There are no pro-rates and/or refunds for unused series classes. Please sign up for all classes at the front desk.