MyZone Training at Pine Lake

Myzone is an innovative, wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud based technology to accurately and conveniently monitor your exercise. Myzone is the only activity tracker based on the World Health Organization’s physical activity guidelines. This exercise tool is for anyone who wants an accurate, gamified and motivating wearable. The strap will monitor heart rate, calories, and time exercising in real time, converting that into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). MEPs focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness.

Myzone Benefits:

  • View calories and effort in real time.
  • Connect to third party equipment & apps for maximum versatility.
  • Achieve Myzone status rankings based on effort, not fitness.
  • Set goals and compete with others by measuring effort levels.
  • Receive email workout summaries.

Not currently using Myzone? Now is the perfect time to join! Myzone heart rate monitors are available at the Front Desk: $30 +tax for the base MZ-1 model, $80 +tax for the MZ-Switch which can be worn on the chest, wrist, or arm and includes onboard storage and a rechargeable battery. Myzone Effort Points (MEPS) are earned for every workout completed in and out of the Club (make sure to bring your phone with the Myzone app to track your workouts outside of the Club). Look for the Myzone symbol on the Group Class Schedule to see which Group Ex classes currently feature Myzone heart rate monitoring technology. 

Show up and feel the difference with Myzone at Columbia Athletic Clubs!

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