Youth Tennis

Junior Lessons Offered 7 Days a Week

Due to lingering health concerns over COVID-19, we have restructured our JUNIOR CLASSES to promote a safe and fun learning environment. Classes will be scheduled working around your days and times available. For regular school students before and after school hours; to the home school students more flexibility and availability is expected. Our groups will be capped at 5 students per class per the governor’s safety restrictions. Each student will be matched with other students by a combination of age and skill level to find the best group for them. Classes will involve introduction and development of strong tennis fundamentals, fitness/coordination training and fun games/point play. All ages (6 to 17) and skill levels( beginner, intermediate, advanced, high performance) are welcome! Our experienced coaches will organize groups and workout plans based on individual needs of each player.

Registration is required due to COVID safety guidelines. Based on your availability you will receive a confirmation from our pro as to your day(s) and time your group meets. Registration and pricing is based on per class for specified time.

For more information, contact us at, or call us at 425.313.0123.

Weekday Classes

Weekday classes are offered Monday through Friday. Please specify which days you prefer on our Registration Request Form.

Saturday Classes

Pine Lake will also be offering classes on Saturday mornings at the specific times below. These classes will again place emphasis on mixing learning the fundamentals and creating a fun environment to fall in love with the sport.

Times: 10:30 – 11:15am (45 min. class) Ages 4 – 6 | 10:30 – 11:30am (60 min. class) Ages 7 – 10 | 11:30am – 1pm (90 min. class) Ages 11 + All Skill Levels

Group Rates (per class)*

Pricing is for all 7 days and based on time you train per day.

45 Min.: $21 + tax TM, $27 + tax AM $30 + tax NM
60 Min.: $27 + tax TM, $34 + tax AM, $38 + tax NM
75 Min.: $31.75 + tax TM, $39 + tax AM, $43 + tax NM
90 Min.: $38.25 + tax TM, $47 + tax AM, $51.75 + tax NM

*Key: TM = Tennis Member, AM = Athletic Member, NM = Non-member.