Youth Activities

Please sign up for youth classes to guarantee a spot.

Space is limited, so we can provide the best experience. For complimentary programs and activities, please sign up at the front desk, or Click here to complete a registration request to guarantee your child will be able to take the class/camp/program. To register for the Monthly Basketball Training with Gary Gardner contact our Programs Director, Bari, at

If there are no sign-ups for a program 24 hours in advance, the program will be canceled.

If you need your child dropped off or picked up in Kid’s Club, please make a Kid’s Club reservation for your child and communicate with staff for pick-up and drop-off.

Youth Programs are complimentary for Family Members/$5 + tax for Non-members accompanied by a CAC member for a class.

Please note: If you sign up 24 hours or less for Kids Night Out and/or Camp days, there will be an additional $10 per participant fee. For more information, contact our Programs Director, Bari, at

Please note: due to current Safe Start Operating proceedures, all class times and dates are subject to change.

Kids Night Out Halloween Party

We will organize a fun, safe party for kids to come and wear their costumes, play games, eat dinner and dance! There will be 5 participants per staff and we will rotate the pods to keep kids safe and sound. Reservations are necessary prior to this program and space is limited!
Date: Saturday, October 31
Time: 4 – 8pm
Ages: 5 – 10
Fee: $35 + tax per child

Kid Movers

Meet staff in the gym. Staff will take your child’s temperature and you check them in on the class clipboard.

Staff will organize a wide variety of gym games like four corners, hopscotch, jump roping, fire in the forest with pool noodles, lots of running games and activities to keep the kids moving while social distancing!

Space is limited to 5 participants, please enroll at the front desk or online.
Days: Monday/Wednesday 4:30 – 6pm, Saturday, 9 – 10:30am
Ages: 5 – 8
Fee: $10 + tax per child (per day)

2020 Columbia Athletic Kids

Staff will set up the nets for badminton, pickleball and floor hockey. They will organize games/matches for participants to learn how to play the sport and have fun! This Program allows kids to move while social
distancing and get some P.E. Must sign up prior to this class to participate!
Day: Tuesday and Thursdays
Time: 5 – 6:30pm
Ages: 7 – 10
Fee: $10 + tax per child