Personal Training

Our Personal Training Team is held to the highest standards to provide you the best experience possible. We require our Trainers to hold a nationally accredited certification and a college degree in exercise science.

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Our trainers specialize in:
• Weight Management and Weight Loss
• Functional Training and Rehabilitation
• Endurance Training
• Sport Specific Performance
In addition, our Trainers are capable of designing a program to accomplish whatever your goals may be.

Certifications we support:
• NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine
• ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine
• NSCA: National Strength and Conditioning Association
• USGTF: United States Golf Teachers Federation
• ACE: American Council on Exercise
• RD: Registered Dietician

Training Rates:

$85 + tax 1 Hour
$52 + tax ½ Hour

Private Sessions
(1 Hour )
$480 + tax – six (1 hour) sessions
$915 + tax – twelve (1 hour) sessions

(½ Hour )
$300 + tax – six (½ hour) sessions
$575 + tax – twelve (½ hour) sessions

Partner Training 1 hour sessions
$50 + tax/person (2 People)
$42 + tax/person (3 People)
$40 + tax/person (4 People)

$290 + tax – three (1 Hour) sessions

Body Composition

Jump Start Package
$180 + tax – three (1-hour) PT sessions

Nutrition & Jump Start Combo
$375 + tax – three (1-hour) personal training sessions & two private consults with a nutritionist.

CAFS session utilizes the local to global spectrum method, to identify common dysfunctions, create mobility and progress to stability and strength for any range of functional needs and for any population. Each session focuses on one joint: foot/ankle; knee; hip, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, shoulders, or cervical spine. Certified individuals are Brandi Ohlsen and Michelle Ohlson.
$150 + tax  per session.

Group Training programs are also available. See our Group Training Page for more information.

Additional Non-Member training available upon request based on availability. Please contact our Fitness Director, Brandi, at for more information.