Pine Lake Junior Traveling Tennis Team

The Cascade Exchange will blend a competitive tournament with an instructional camp, all while set in a social and fun atmosphere Monday through Saturday. Students get to start the day working with both Pine Lake (Sam Rechtin and Yuhta Kayama) and WRAC (Director Charl Grobler and Jaime Carter) instructors on a planned regiment of drills and games. Students will be split into groups to drill from 9 to 12 with teammates and some players from the other club. After that, catered lunch at the club (sandwiches, china buffet, bbq) complete with popsicles and refreshments. The afternoons (1 to 5pm) will be playing a round robin tournament where players will be grouped by skill, not age or gender. This means there will be some fun match ups where a younger student get to play an older player, or boys going against girls. Trophies will be awarded not only to the top performers in each group, but also to the students who demonstrate Best Effort, Best Attitude, Most Improved and Most Inspirational. The evenings will be social and food time, nights consisted of an arcade/bowling night, a pool party/outdoor movie night and a BBQ/lawn games (croquet, volleyball, badminton, etc) night.

For questions about the upcoming 2017 team, please contact Tennis Pro, Sam Rechtin at, or call us at 425.313.0123.