Personal Training

Our Personal Training Team is held to the highest standards to provide you the best experience possible. We require our Trainers to hold a nationally accredited certification and a college degree in exercise science.

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Our trainers specialize in:

  • Weight Management and Weight Loss
  • Functional Training and Rehabilitation
  • Endurance Training
  • Sport Specific Performance

In addition, our Trainers are capable of designing a program to accomplish whatever your goals may be.

Certifications we support:

  • NASM: National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • ACSM: American College of Sports Medicine
  • NSCA: National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • USGTF: United States Golf Teachers Federation
  • ACE: American Council on Exercise
  • RD: Registered Dietician


1 Hour single session: $75 + tax

3 sessions: $216 + tax
6 sessions: $420 + tax
9 sessions: $612 + tax

Half-hour single session: $52 + tax
3 sessions: $150 + tax
6 sessions: $288 + tax
9 sessions: $414 + tax

1 Hour Partner single session: $50pp + tax
3 sessions: $144pp + tax
6 sessions: $276pp + tax
9 sessions: $405pp + tax

Half-hour Partner single session: $35pp + tax
3 sessions: $99pp + tax
6 sessions: $186pp + tax
9 sessions: $270pp + tax

Tanita Body Composition

Single Test: $35 + tax
Six Pack (Every other Month) Tests: $192 + tax
Twelve Pack (Every Month) Tests: $360 + tax

Group Training programs are also available. See our Group Training Page for more information.

Non-member training available upon request based on availability.


Fitness Floor Orientation – Free

Become familiar with the Fitness Floor and its equipment with an Orientation class. This program provides you with advice and guidance from a certified fitness professional to give you the knowledge and confidence to use our gym and its equipment on your own.

Fitness Floor Orientation classes are held:

  • First week of the month on Tuesday at 5pm and Thursday at 7am
  • Every Saturday morning at 8am

The orientation is 30 to 60 minutes in duration and allows up to 10 people per session on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-enroll with membership, fitness staff or at the activities desk. Please wear proper clothing and footwear for exercising and bring something to take notes if desired.

You can expect to learn:

  • The differences between the cardio equipment options, how to select pre-programed workouts on the equipment, and how to utilize the applications on the individual screens.
  • How to adjust the weight machines for your body, use them safely, and what muscle groups each machine targets.
  • Location of fitness equipment i.e. TRX suspension straps, medicine balls, kettlebells, and more.
    The importance of a warm-up and cool-down routine.

ColumbiaFIT Assessment – Price Varies

This is your chance to meet one on one with the very best in the industry! In this hour, you will establish an individualized fitness baseline. Please wear proper clothing and footwear for exercising and bring something to take notes if desired.

You should expect:

  • Comprehensive Tanita body composition test, the gold standard for testing muscle mass, fat mass, and visceral fat, the Tanita will also provide a specific BMR (Daily Calorie Burn) for your body composition.
  • Movement assessment to identify imbalances that could lead to injury or prevent you from performing at your optimal level.
  • A thorough evaluation of your goals and current strategies.
  • A fitness action plan customized to your individual needs.

New Members within 3 months of start date – FREE

Current Members – Eligible to receive an assessment one time per year with personal training package purchase.

Current Members, with no personal training package – $75

Jump Start Package – $195 + Tax

Following your comprehensive fitness assessment with one of our trainers, new members qualify to receive a one time special at a reduced rate, 3-pack of 60-minute personal training sessions for $195 + Tax.

To schedule your Fitness Floor Orientation, ColumbiaFIT Assessment or Jump Start Package, contact Fitness Director Taylor Scarvie at, or schedule with any of our Personal Training staff.