Summer Camps at CAC

Ah spring, the days grow longer, the temperatures start to rise (maybe?) and you can finally turn your attention to not just getting through winter but planning for the coming months. Maybe a garden, maybe a spring trip, perhaps a weekday round of golf, and of course your families’ plans for the summer.

However, summer, while lots of fun, can be a trial for a lot of families as well. With no school or sports scheduled, it can be challenging to find activities that not only allow parents time to work, but also provide important physical and mental engagement for children. While there are many options to combat days of video games and TV time, one you may want to consider is a week or two (or three or four!) of camp at CAC.

CAC Camps are a great way for children to spend their summer, and provide a number of key elements to healthy growth and stimulation in the following months, including the following:

Peer engagement:

Camps provide a platform for social interaction between children from different communities, schools, ages, and groups, all under the engaging and watchful eyes of Program staff and supervisors. This interaction builds social skills and helps develop friendships and experiences that are so important to childhood experience and development.

Physical activity:

The CDC recommends children of all ages engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity a day. At CAC camps, kids will get much more than that, in a wide variety of formats including free play, organized sports, swimming, and even specialty activities like tennis, golf, hiking, and more.

Mental stimulation:

CAC camps are learning environments where children engage in a variety of artistic and problem-saving scenarios. It’s the perfect balance between learning and fun, and can serve as an academic bridge between the school year.

As you plan your summer months consider Camps at CAC for your little ones. Camps are available for children age 4-12 at all CAC facilities, and more information can be found by contacting the Programs Department at your Club. We hope to see you and your family this summer!

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