Camps, Classes and Programs for Your Kids

Camps, Classes and Programs for Your Kids

Camps, classes and programs are an opportunity for growth for all ages! CAC participants experience new adventures, opportunities and challenged both mentally and physically. Our programs include games, both indoors and out, obstacle courses, team-building, arts and crafts, science experiments, family fun nights, swimming, tennis, golfing and much, much more. All departments strive to offer a wide variety of programming to meet the needs of our members and non-members within our community.

Columbia Athletic Clubs provides a gateway for participants to unplug from technology. Kids and adults engage and contribute in real world interactions, build friendships through physical activity and share goals, while leaving the tablets, phones, and computers at home.

Need a creative outlet? Our summer camps offer experiences to design, build, and decorate their own projects using blocks, Popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and other household items. Camps offer participants an opportunity to be unique, and be creative all the while engaging with one another and working together. We do everything from building Minecraft worlds with cardboard boxes, making friendship bracelets made with yarn or training like Star Wars Jedi’s.

Everyone has an open door to learn something new. Whether it’s a new game (Geezer ball, anyone?) a dance like hula and Tahitian dancing, an exercise class like boot camp, or a science experiment during summer camps, swimming lessons, all CAC Programs help develop lifelong skills. We are dedicated to creating a learning environment for adults and youths to learn how to play tennis, swim, golf, take a fitness class and basketball.

We encourage kids and parents to participate, move and learn together! Family fun nights are a great way to interact with your kids and enjoy playing a game like dodgeball, pickle ball, badminton, or swim and watch a movie in the pool. Every month we change the activity, our most popular family fun night is Nerf Wars!

For information about our summer camps, classes and programs, please check out our Summer Camp Page. We look forward to seeing you and your family!

-Bari Dockens, Program Director, CAC-Silver Lake,