New Years Resolutions… Done Right

New Years resolutions this year? Most of us have them with the goal to improve health, fitness and athletic performance. So, here are some tips to help you stay focused and on target this season.

• Make realistic goals. Your resolution doesn’t always need to be about weight loss. It can be about adding more variety or value to your workouts. Here are some ideas from current members who have shared ideas:
Have a number of visits to the Club in mind. “I used to be at the Club about twice per week, but this year I have committed to be there 3 days per week. Even if it is not a workout, I sit in the hot tub, stretch, or just have a sauna, but this forces me to be more disciplined and in a routine”
Add in a Mind Body class one day per week. “I spend most of my workout time in the weight room and cardio machines. This year I will add in a Yoga or Pilates class one day per week. I will commit to this for 6 weeks then re-evaluate my progress and make adjustments if needed. I expect to see increase flexibility and will view this as my body’s reward for hard work”.
“Adding 15 to 20 minutes of cardio in before or after my Training session or class has not only allowed me be more focused and ready for my session, but helped me burn a few more calories each day. Added together, this has made a big difference in my progress”.

• Accountability: Write down your goals in a place you see every day and check it off weekly to stay focused and reminded.

• Network: find a workout buddy or tell a friend, family member or staff at the Club! You know we will help you stay on track.

• Set yourself up to succeed: Plan ahead and prepare snacks, lunch or grab and go breakfasts. It’s OK to have a treat now and then but make it an effort to find it in the cupboard or refrigerator. Place the healthy snacks in the forefront and the treats away from sight.

• Count your calories: Portion control is one of the best ways to succeed. Avoid cooking too much or adding too much to your plate. Know what your daily intake should be for your age, body, and activity level. Ask this question to any of our Trainers. They will help you!
A good rule of thumb is 3 oz of Protein is roughly the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. ½ cup of vegetables is roughly the size of a clenched hand

• Eat slowly and without distractions such as a computer, TV or phone. If you are dining out, skip the appetizers and bread.

• Watch the sugar! Protein Carbs and Fat are all essential elements in a balanced diet, but added sugars and sugar substitutes can quickly derail your quest. Avoid sodas, sugary coffee drinks and desserts. Get to know your habits. Is an afternoon coffee drink a habit, a reward, a treat or your body craving a sugar fix. Try something different and then limit these habits to once or just twice a week instead of daily.

• Mix it up! Keep your body guessing. Keep the internal machine working hard to keep up. Whether you are on the elliptical, treadmill or doing laps in the pool once per week change up the routine and add in 2 minutes of speed with 4 minutes of moderate pace. Remember to add in stretching or foam rolling. This is an important part of your recovery and your body’s reward.

• Rest and Sleep is also an essential part of your success. Take time for yourself, relax, visualize, internally reward your efforts and get a restful night’s sleep.

• Drink Water

Stay committed to your goals for 4 to 6 weeks. This is how long it will take before you really see the results! But it will happen! Good luck and remember we are here to support your goals and help you achieve results.